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Dancing Water Dragon Bowl favorite
HD9030 |Exclusive




Limited Stock
  • Hand-cast brass bowl with patina finish
  • Ornate markings around rim
  • Dragon motif in bowl
  • Rubbing handles creates resonance that causes water in the bowl to "dance"
  • A unique conversation or meditation piece

15" dia. x 5"H

Guests will marvel at the beauty of this stunning Dancing Water Dragon Bowl, but wait until they learn its secret. Hand-cast in brass with a patina finish, the bowl features ornate decorations around its rim and a classic dragon motif within the bowl. The dual handles seem to be missing that patina finsih though, and here's why.

Bowls like this one have been found in China dating back to the 5th century B.C. Also known as resonance bowls or singing bowls, they have a unique characteristic. Fill the bowl with water, wet your hands, rub them firmly on the brass handles and the bowl will sing in a low-pitched tone. The sound vibrations, in turn, disturb the surface of the water so small droplets of water rise from the surface. Legend has it that the higher the water splashes to your face, the longer your time on earth. This dancing water dragon bowl makes a great meditation gift or a conversation piece.

15" dia. x 5"H

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