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Mango Leaf Christmas Tree



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Our Mango Leaf Christmas Tree puts a tropical spin on the traditional evergreens that we're all so familiar with. Handcrafted by Philippine artisans, this unique tabletop tree is formed from dried and preserved Mango leaves. Decorated with real pine cones and painted wooden beads, your guests will do a double-take before they realize this mango leaf tree is far from your typical Christmas decoration.

As the national fruit of the Philippines (along with India and Pakistan) the mango is highly revered within the culture. Besides the delicious fruit, the leaves and flowers of the tree are used in various celebrations and, once the tree's fruit production reaches an end, the wood of the trees is used in various crafts. We think this clever use of tropical leaves to create a festive tabletop mango leaf Christmas tree might be the sweetest use since the mango fruit itself.

  • Tropical-style Christmas tree
  • Handcrafted in the Philippines from dried, preserved mango leaves
  • Decorated with pine cones and painted wooden beads
  • Stays a beautiful vibrant green year round
  • For indoor display only
11¼" dia. x 14¼"H

11¼"dia. x 14¼"H

Tue Jun 18 06:35:11 EDT 2019