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Flying Dragon Wind Spinner



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This striking Flying Dragon Wind Spinner isn't sure if it wants to be a spinner, a whirligig or both! As the wind catches the propeller, an ingenious mechanism causes the dragon to flap his wings in an effort to reach the skies. The leaf-like blades of the spinner are treated with an antiqued-copper finish, while the dragon is all color and shine. Guests will be captivated by all the motion this dynamic spinner produces in even the gentlest breeze. Rest assured, the dragon is safely secured to the spinner, so flap though he might, he's not going anywhere. Wind & Weather Exclusive Design.

  • Combination spinner and whirligig
  • Antiqued-copper propeller actuates the mechanism
  • Intricate gears cause the dragon's wings to flap
  • Dragon is crafted from metal with a colorful paint scheme
  • A treat for the eyes in even the slightest breeze
20"L x 17"W x 65"H

20"L x 17"W x 65"H