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Realistic Indoor/Outdoor Woodland Stump Fountain with Metal Lily Pads



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Our Woodland Stump Fountain combines a highly-detailed recreation of natural forms with artistic metal sculpture to create a unique water feature that's sure to command attention in your landscape. The base is cast in weather-resistant resin from an extremely realistic original sculpt. The attention to detail on the paint job completes the illusion of a natural tree stump, showing the effects of time and weather on its bare wood, bark and broken limbs. 

A stream of water spills forth from the top of the stump fountain and is caught in the bowl-like shape of a brass-colored metal flower. From there, the water trickles down to three other metal flowers before splashing into the base. A quiet recirculating pump in the base keeps the water flowing and plugs into a standard electrical outlet. This natural-looking tree stump fountain is a lovely blend of art and nature that will add a dash of enchantment to your outdoor décor.

  • Realistic resin tree-stump fountain
  • Water pours from top of stump
  • Flows down to four metal bowl-shaped "flowers"
  • Realistic-looking wood and bark finish
  • Quiet recirculating pump plugs into a standard outlet
17"L x 13¾"W x 26"H

17"L x 13¾"W x 26"H

Mon Jan 21 14:51:09 EST 2019