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Time in Words Wall Clock favorite




In Stock!
  • Large wall mount clock
  • Displays time in words rather than numerals
  • Bright white LED illuminates the text
  • Easy to set time - on side of clock
  • Includes AC adapter with 10 foot cord

12" sq. x 1½"D

Forget numerals, dials and hands! This unique Time in Words Wall Clock has a matrix of words which are selectively highlighted to display the correct time. The time is displayed as text in five minute intervals. For example, if the time is 6:25 the clock would highlight words to read “it is twenty five minutes past six o'clock.” And if you need even more accuracy, the 4 LEDs at the bottom illuminate to indicate specific minutes.

A practical and accurate time piece, this text wall clock is probably even more of a conversation piece. Easy to mount on any wall. Includes an AC adapter with a 10' electrical cord.


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Fri Jan 24 10:10:32 EST 2020