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Gardener's Chess Set favorite




Limited Stock
  • Chess set composed of gardeners and related items
  • Cast in solid stone
  • Integrated coloring will have a long life
  • Treated with sealant to protect against the elements
  • Made in the USA

Our Gardener's Chess Set is the perfect set to keep in a favorite quiet, shady spot in your yard. Cast in solid stone from original sculpts by artist Michael Gentilucci, this charming set can live outdoors year 'round so you can enjoy a game whenever the mood strikes and the weather permits.

Each side is led by a king and queen, imagined as a portly gardener and his bride. They are supported by bouquets of flowers serving as bishops; gardening tools and buckets representing the strength of the knight; and what else but a pair of garden sheds to serve as castles All are protected (at least initially) by sturdy pawns, imagined here as a mix of snails and turtles. What a hoot! This is far from a stodgy old chess set filled with stuffy kings, bishops and knights. Perfect for a game contested under a shady tree!

Hand crafted in solid cast stone by American artisans, each piece, as well as the board, has integrated coloring and is treated with a protective sealant for years of outdoor enjoyment.

Board 17" sq. x 5"H
Pieces range from 1½" to 3½"H

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