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Yoga Frog Statues, Set of 3
Yoga Frog Statues, Set of 3

Yoga Frog Statues, Set of 3 1014730SC8208

Yoga Frog Statues, Set of 3

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You'll find it hard to meditate without giggling at this silly Yoga Frog Trio! Our funny frolicking amphibians show-off their impossibly perfect form as they model their best yoga poses on lily pad yoga mats.

Made from all-weather resin to resemble hand carved, wooden folk art statues, these painted frog figurines feature a light, natural finish embellished with pretty, multi-colored flowers. A frog even supports a butterfly on his tummy! Leafy green lily pad "mats" offer support and compliment the individual frogs.

Each frog presents a unique and recognizable yoga posture: one frog models his "king dancer pose," another displays the "shoulder stand," and our third athletic amphibian presents the "seated split" pose. If only we could all be so flexible!

We can't promise having these posturing frogs around will improve your yoga technique, but we're pretty sure if you place these delightful, decorative accents in your sunroom, porch, patio, garden or exercise area, you'll never be more than a hop, skip and a jump away from giggles and smiles.

• Colorful yoga frog sculptures with lily pads, set of 3
• All-weather resin frog figurines resemble hand carved folk art
• Each frog poses in a unique yoga position
• Whimsical frog art is decorated with pretty flowers
• A darling, fun-living accent for home and garden

Approx. 5-1/2"L x 4"W x 10"H

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A little bird told us ______ would be thrilled to find this under the Christmas tree (wink wink).

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This product is not available!