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Windmate 300
Windmate 300

Windmate 300 1601

Windmate 300
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Extensive features, precision and portability in this Windmate 300 make this a first choice instrument for outdoor professionals. An internal "wind vane" ensures all readings are on the wind's axis; sure-grip, jack knife-style case keeps hands away from affecting sensors.

Backlit screen shows digital direction in degrees/compass points; cross/head/tail wind readings; wind chill; temperature, humidity, dew-point, wet bulb, delta T, and comfort index. Water resistant and tripod fitting makes this tool incredibly useful to travel with. Uses one 400-Hr replaceable lithium battery (included).

Temperature: -20° to 158°F. Accuracy ± 1.8° F
Wind Speed: .8 to 89 mph. Accuracy ± 3%
Wind Chill: -50° to + 50° F. Accuracy ± 1.850° F

5-1/2"H x 1-3/4"W

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