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White Hardy Gloxinia, Set of 6 Bulbs
White Hardy Gloxinia, Set of 6 Bulbs

White Hardy Gloxinia, Set of 6 Bulbs 1028332

White Hardy Gloxinia, Set of 6 Bulbs

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Guests and neighbors will love seeing these tropical-looking White Hardy Gloxinia Bulbs growing in your yard or garden. The large, tubular white flowers with a yellow throat, add a cool, exotic touch to any outdoor landscape. Native to India, Tibet and China, these bulbs are known for their stunning flowers and relative hardiness. With their proper name being Incarvillea Delavayi ' Snowtop,' and the common names being Hardy Gloxinias or Chinese Trumpet Flower, these bulbs are actually related to trumpet vines, not gloxinias. Hardy to Zone 5, these gorgeous bulbs will bloom in late spring. Bury crowns 3-6 inches below soil level and spaced 15 to 18 inches apart in a protected area with full to part sun..

• Incarvillea Snowtop Bulbs, set of 6
• Clusters of topical, trumpet-shaped white flowers
• Native to India, Tibet and China
• Full to part sun
• Exotic additions to mixed borders and rock gardens

4" bulbs

Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

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