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US Coin Cufflinks
US Coin Cufflinks

US Coin Cufflinks 969308

US Coin Cufflinks
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These genuine US Coin Cufflinks show your pride in your American heritage, and look sensational on your shirtsleeves. Our Lincoln 1943 Zinc Penny Cufflinks are made from steel pennies coated with zinc. These coins were only made in 1943. Our Buffalo Nickel Cufflinks feature nickels minted from 1913-1938. T-shaped cufflinks are to be work with French cuff shirts. Please choose Buffalo Nickel Cufflinks or Lincoln Zinc Penny Cufflinks.

• Genuine US Coin Cufflinks
• Lincoln 1943 Zinc Penny Cufflinks
• Buffalo Nickel Cufflinks

Available Styles
Buffalo Nickel Cufflinks
Lincoln Zinc Penny Cufflinks

3/4"L x 3/4"H

Hi there ______,

A little bird told us ______ would be thrilled to find this under the Christmas tree (wink wink).

~ Just a tip from your elves

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