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Toad Houses

Wise gardeners know the value of having toad houses to attract bug-hungry toads and frogs to their garden—a single toad can devour 50 to 100 insect pests in your garden every night! Having our toad houses and frog houses in your garden is akin to putting out the welcome mat, and the toads will happily move right in. Our weather-resistant toad houses provide shade and a cool place for them to rest up during the daytime for their nocturnal bug feasts. We offer a variety of toad houses that will be as attractive to you as they are to the bug-hungry toads and frogs looking for a comfortable home.
Storybook Toad House

Storybook Toad House

Storybook Toad HouseHA1637
Toad Spaceship

Toad Spaceship

Toad SpaceshipHA3871
Toad Tavern

Toad Tavern

Toad TavernHA3863
Toad House

Toad House

$49.95 - $59.95
Toad HouseHA3873