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Tillandsia Cyanea Air Plant on Grapewood Branch
Tillandsia Cyanea Air Plant on Grapewood Branch Tillandsia Cyanea Air Plant on Grapewood Branch

Tillandsia Cyanea Air Plant on Grapewood Branch 1034194

Tillandsia Cyanea Air Plant on Grapewood Branch
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A beautiful, living accent for any space in your home, our Tillandsia Cyanea Air Plant on Grapewood Branch is sure to catch the attention of guests and visitors! Native to the rainforests of Ecuador, this flowering plant is in the bromeliad family of air plants and usually known by its common name: pink quill. The Latin name means "blue," referring to the intense purple-violet hue of the blooms. This perennial has stemless rosettes of thin, recurved leaves and paddle-shaped spikes of twenty pink bracts that appear in spring and autumn. Mounted to an artistic piece of tumbled California grapewood vine, either the Chardonnay or Zinfandel variety, our tillandsia cyanea grows completely without soil for an unusual, tropical ornament. Place this plant in a well-lit window indoors or in bright filtered sunlight outside. It must be protected from freezing in the winter. Grown in the USA.

Tillandsias have small roots, mainly used for anchoring themselves on trees. Because the roots don't drink up water, these tree-dwelling plants gather moisture and nutrients through their leaves. When the moss around the root dries out, mist the foliage with "good" water a few times a week, meaning rainwater or bottled drinking water. This plant does best when watered in the reservoir formed by the leaves.

• Air Plant on Grapewood Vine Accent
• Intense purple-violet blooms with recurved leaves
• Mounted on a California grapewood branch
• Grows completely without soil, does require misting
• Indoor use only

Tillandsia 4"H
Grapewood branch 12"L x 6"W x 12"H

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Ships within the 48 contiguous states only.

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