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    The Waterfall Rain Gauge by La Crosse Technology™


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    The Waterfall Rain Gauge by La Crosse Technology® enhances the look of any garden or deck, with a design inspired by a cascading waterfall. It accurately measures backyard rainfall with large digits and clear measurement lines. The rain gauge includes a vibrant red floating rain level marker to ensure accurate readings, even from a distance. The Waterfall Rain Gauge mounts on a fence or deck railing at the ideal height for reading and emptying after a rainfall. The clear rain-collection vessel slides on and off the mounted bracket, making it simple to empty or clean. Make a statement in your backyard today.

    • Plastic rain gauge hangs on a deck, porch, railing or fence
    • Large numerals
    • Red floating marker for accurate reading
    • Clear measurement lines
    • Simple to empty

    7¼"L x 8½"H

4.7 (based on 9 customer reviews)
  • By:
  • Waterfall Rain Gauge

    Comments about Product:
    Great product - easy to use and read amounts.
  • By:Stretch

  • Comments about Product:
    Perfectly efficient, easy to put up (on a railing, like it shows in the photo), and easy to read from across the deck inside the house. My only cavil is that the red float fades, and then you have to guess where the top is. I'm working on figuring out what I can recolor it with that will be waterproof.
  • By:Piper
  • The Waterfall Rain Gauge

    Comments about Product:
    Just as described, easy to install on deck we just need moisture to test it!
  • By:Plano woodworker
  • Doesn't last

    Comments about Product:
    It looked good and performed well for a few weeks and then the Texas sun caused the red plastic float to warp into a useless U shape. During the winter a cold rainy day filled about a half inch of water into the tub which then shattered as the temperature dropped below freezing. The clear plastic case had also become so blackened from the sun that it was almost opaque.
  • By:Gardening Woman
  • Rain Gage

    Comments about Product:
    This is just what I have been looking for in a raingage. It is easy to install and I can read the large numbers from my kitchen window.
  • By:Snusan
    From:Penrose, CO
  • Easy to read.

    Comments about Product:
    This rain gauge is easy to read from a distance. We put ours on the fence and we can see how much it has rained just by looking out the window.
  • By:Big Number Lady
    From:Birmingham, AL
  • The Perfect Gift!

    Comments about Product:
    I gave this rain gauge as a Birthday gift to my Father-in-law who has an eye condition that declares him legally blind. He can read and see big numbers/letters. He loves to measure the rain in his area, so it was a perfect fit! He loves it and is able to read the numbers. He also said that he loves the red level line reader. I really hit the mark with this gift. We are both very pleased.
  • By:Dave the Marine
    From:Muskogee, OK
  • Best Rain Gage Yet

    Comments about Product:
  • By:Just call me Cookie
    From:Buffalo, NY
  • Simple is best

    Comments about Product:
    This is a great rain gauge--very simple and easy to install. The red float is highly visible, making it easy to see the rainfall measure even from several feet away. The only thing I don't like is the base is permanently attached to the railing unless you use different screws at the outset. The included ones tend to strip at the heads so you can't back them out if you'd like to change locations at some point.

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