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Tabletop Weather Glass With French Finish
Tabletop Weather Glass With French Finish

Tabletop Weather Glass With French Finish 402831

Tabletop Weather Glass With French Finish
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A natural barometer with a handblown glass vessel with elegantly turned spout. Fill with colored water. King George III collected scientific instruments. Not for function, but for form and beauty. The brass arch, lightly distressed French finish base, and brass details turn this weatherglass into a work of art. 13"H x 6"W.

Weather glasses were used as ship's instruments in forecasting storms, much like modern-day barometers predict weather changes. Elegant hand-blown glass vessel. Fully functional: As the barometric pressure drops, the water level rises, forecasting a change in the weather; as the pressure rises, the water level lowers, indicating good weather ahead.

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