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"Sundials are the oldest known timekeeping devices. The ancient Egyptians are thought to be the first to use a sundial. In today’s complex digital world, sundials are not so much important keepers of the time as they are beautiful (yet functional) pieces of garden art. Wind & Weather has a great collection of sundials that will make eye-catching accents for your yard or garden. Our sundials are weather durable to provide many years of timekeeping charm.
Aluminum Sunface Garden Sundial

Aluminum Sunface Garden Sundial

Aluminum Sunface Garden SundialSD3900
$114.97In Stock
Fishing Frog Sundial Birdbath

Fishing Frog Sundial Birdbath

Fishing Frog Sundial BirdbathSD6400
$195.95In Stock
Sun-Clock Sundial

Sun-Clock Sundial

$69.95 - $84.95
Sun-Clock SundialSD3251