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    Rainfall Station


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    Would you like to know how much rain fell during last night's storm, or keep a long-term history of how well your plants have been watered?

    This rainfall gauge is just the ticket. Provides current hour, 24 hour and total rainfall levels, plus daily, weekly and monthly rainfall history. Max/min memory for inside and outside temperature. Includes a small white bucket for collecting rain.

    4-1/2"H x 2-3/4"W
1.8 (based on 6 customer reviews)
  • By:Son-in-law
    From:Oroville, CA
  • Moisture and rain guage don't mix.

    Comments about Product:
    Works fine indoors. When outdoors, undercover seem to work if not exposed to rain at site. When exposed, outdoor temp and rainfall meausrement failed after 48-72 hours. Time function remains for longer time. When opening the battery chamber to reset it is obvious the batteries are wet from condensation. Adding an additional gasket to the chamber did not help except it took a day longer before it failed. Northern California, not a extreme climate, was a Christmas gift to relative who has worked at a solution. He been pleased with weather device from W&W a few years back that is still operating.
  • By:Fred
    From:Big Canoe GA
  • Pretty good but not great

    Comments about Product:
    I use it next to a mechanical rain gauge, and it does not show the same reading. I don't trust it to be completely accurate, but when I'm out-of-town and can't empty the other gauge, it's better than nothing.
  • By:HDoutLA
    From:Central Coast, CA
  • not sure of accuracy; hard to see

    Comments about Product:
    The main advantages of this device are the ability to see rainfall remotely and stay dry while it's raining, and see rainfall for last hour, day, and month stored in memory. However, not sure if it is accurate compared to traditional area collectors and back-lighting does not stay on long enough when item is pressed down for back-lighting. Would have been nice if buttons to see different times were on the front of the panel instead of small buttons in back with small markings.
  • By:Jim Mc
    From:Potter Valley, CA
  • As good as nothing, it Never worked!

    Comments about Product:
    We have never been able to use this product. It is worthless. Directions are worthless. Directions don't tell you you MUST use lithium batteries. Useless!!!!!!!!
  • By:Jerry
  • not impressed with quality

    Comments about Product:
    To measure rainfall Compact rainfall measurant does not appear to be accurate
  • By:CK
    From:Jonesboro, TX
  • I wish it had worked

    Comments about Product:
    I tried for several days to get the display to reset and the display never changed. I thought the 24 hour rainfall display would reset every 24 hours, but it never changed. Sent back original and the replacement unit W&W sent because the first failed.

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