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Mystic Thermometer/Barometer
Mystic Thermometer/Barometer

Mystic Thermometer/Barometer 1399

Mystic Thermometer/Barometer

Sorry, this product is currently not available.

Weather instruments that have a timeless, classic appearance that fit beautifully into any room décor. The Mystic digitally displays both barometric pressure and temperature readings in four different modes: Present, High, Low and Rate of Change for barometric pressure, which shows the amount of change in inches per hour.

When connected to Merlin, the Wind Chill setting will show the effect of wind speed on termperature. Our newest verson allows you to see Low Wind Chill as well. Mystic features user-selectable units of measurement for termperature (F or C) and barometric pressure (inHG, mmHG, kPa, mb). Measurement Range: Temperature -30 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Barometric Pressure: 27.5-31.5 Inches of Hg. Memory data is protected by a 10-year backup to preserve data during power outages. Includes air temperature sensor with 60' cable and AC adapter. 5 year warranty. Solid brass case. Hand assembled in USA.

6-1/2" Dia.

Allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

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