Metal Solar Cat Spinner




A classic kitty scene is played out in our Illuminarie Metal Solar Cat Spinner with antique copper finish. Watch this funny feline, with a bouncing, spring-attached head, try and catch the wind driven, spinning fish! The steel fish rotor spins vertically, while the self-orienting fish tailpiece aligns the rotor in the direction of the breeze. This silly kitty's body is accented by an artistic glass globe with luminescent crystals that absorbs the sun's energy during the day to release a subtle green glow at night. Glow duration may last up to four hours, gradually fading over that time. An attractive, cat-themed focal point for any landscape setting that will provide year-round, wind powered entertainment. This whimsical cat spinner also makes a delightful gift for cat lovers! For brightest glow, place cat pinwheel in full sun.

• Metal Cat With Solar Ball Pinwheel
• Antique copper finish
• Glass globe glows in the dark
• Rotor and tailpiece with fish accents
• Weather durable steel spinner

21-1/4" dia. x 13-1/4"D x 55-1/2"H


Great cat spinner

Reviewed on: 4/29/2014 5:13:00 PM

Very sturdy cat spinner - the part that stabs in the ground is very thick and sturdy. Only time will tell how it holds up in the weather, but initially it is so whimsical and sturdy!


Gift was a hit!

Reviewed on: 4/11/2014 5:05:00 PM

This item was a gift for my sister who (1) lives on a ranch where it can be windy and (2) loves cats. After she received the spinner, she told me that she really liked it. Thanks for offering such an unique gift