Sirocco Wind Speed



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This accurate and self-powered wind speed instrument from Maximum is mounted in a mahogany-stained maple block. Wall mount or set on a horizontal surface.

Ranges from 0 to 100 mph.
Accuracy: ± 3%.

Complete with sensor, 60' cable, and mounting hardware. 5-year warranty.

4"H x 5"W x 2"D

Allow 1-2 weeks for delivery.


Generations will enjoy this classic

Reviewed on: 10/18/2012 12:00:00 AM

I've owned this model for 20 years. The three-cup roof sensor has survived tornado conditions (90 mph+ wind speeds) and the classic maple block meter design looks as good on my desk now as when I purchased it. The unit was originally acquired to measure conditions in real time during Southern California's annual Santa Ana Wind storms, which this unit has done faithfully year after year. No batteries are required, the rotation of the sensor produces low voltage that drives the meter, similar to a bicycle light generator. I used inexpensive plastic-coated stereo wire to extend the distance between the roof sensor and the meter by about 20 yards with no impact on accuracy. Wind speed accuracy above 5 mph is amazingly good, all the way up to 100 mph. I highly recommend this beautiful, maintenance-free, reliable product.


Highly Accurate

Reviewed on: 10/16/2012 12:00:00 AM

This instrument is reliabile. I purchased one of these about 15 years ago and and its never had any problems. Generates its own power so if high winds take out your local power you can still observe the wind speed. Anemometer (cup style) is mounted on a pole at the top of the roof and it has registered wind gusts as high as 80mph in Hurricane Frances in 2004. It does not record peak gust so it should be monitored during peak winds.