Dual-Scale Maestro



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Measure wind speed (in mph only), gust, and direction. Another high-quality Maximum instrument. Same features as Maestro (see below) with the addition of wind speed in two ranges.

Features and Accuracies:
- Wind Speed Range: 0 to 120 mph and 0 to 40 mph.
- Accuracy: ±3% Full-scale and mid-scale.
- Wind Gust - Highest gust saved until reset.
- Wind Direction: LED s indicate 16 compass points. Accuracy: ±11.25°.

Complete with rooftop sensors, 60' cables, and AC adapter. Includes mounting hardware and a 5-year warranty. May be special ordered for European voltage or a 12-volt system.

Solid brass case, 6-1/2" diameter, 2-3/4" deep.

Allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

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