Dragonfly And Reeds Garden Vane



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Bring a quiet scene of dragonflies dancing in the reeds to your garden with our weathervane-style stake. This rust-tone metal sculpture spins with the direction of the wind adding delightful movement to landscaped areas.

• Dragonfly And Reeds Metal Art Vane
• Weathervane-style garden stake
• Rust-tone sculpture spins with the direction of the wind

20-1/2"L x 15-3/4"W x 66-3/4"H


Looks great, weathers well, not 100% sturdy

Reviewed on: 2/2/2014 9:34:00 AM

I've had this vane for close to a year now. It does look wonderful in the garden, and it's fun to watch it spin. The finish weathers from the original bright metal to a duller, more rustic look -- very appealing. The downside to this vane is getting it to stay upright in more than gentle breezes. The base has a short double prong, which is insufficient to keep the vane anchored in the ground. After any appreciable wind, the vane must be readjusted. I've stacked a pile of rocks around the base to help keep it upright, which works most of the time. Heavy winds knock the vane askew no matter what I try. My next plan: drilling a hole in a big rock, then threading the bottom stem through it -- that might hold the vane in place...