Colorful Glass Tabletop Galileo Thermometer




Based on a design by Galileo, this thermometer has colorful liquid-filled blown glass balls that rise and fall in the blown glass cylinder as the temperature changes. Laws of physics stimulate the inquisitive mind. Lowest bubble of top grouping shows current temperature reading. The 21" Galileo Thermometer creates a dramatic display of color and motion.

• The Colorful Law of Physics Indoor Glass Galileo Thermometer provides an accurate reading of the temperature based on a design by Galileo
• This gorgeous Galileo thermometer is a work of art with blown glass balls of varying colors in a delicate blown glass cylinder
• The glass balls rise and fall within the liquid-filled cylinder to reflect changes in the temperature, and each ball has a small charm to read the temperature
• Cylinder stands 20”H x 2”diameter and sits on an attached glass stand to keep it sturdy and secure

20"H x 2" Dia. 


Galileo Thermometer

Reviewed on: 3/14/2014 12:00:00 PM

Awesome price Great Galileo thermometer. Colors are just like the picture. Make a great center piece on your island.