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Lincoln Wheat Ear And Steel Penny Checker Set




Composed of genuine Lincoln Copper Wheat Ear pennies and Lincoln Steel pennies, our Checker Set brilliantly depicts one of the oldest games in the history of man. Abraham Lincoln was known to be a fierce competitor and often played checkers with his sons at his cottage retreat, Soldier's Home. Featuring Wheat Ear pennies and Steel pennies in plastic capsules as playing pieces, this checker set's red and blue game board graphically displays the face of Lincoln. Checker set includes 12 Lincoln Copper Wheat Ear pennies minted from 1909 to 1958 (with the exception of 1943) and 12 Lincoln Steel pennies minted in 1943 due to the shortage of copper during WWII and directions. Enjoy playing this well-known game with a touch of American competitiveness and spirit! A welcome gift for a history buff or someone who loves the game of checkers. Certificate of Authenticity is included.

• Lincoln Checker Set
• Red and blue game board
• Penny playing pieces protected in plastic capsules
• 12 Lincoln Copper Wheat ear pennies
• 12 Lincoln Steel pennies

12" sq.

Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

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