Solar Glass Wasp Traps



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We've never seen such an artistic Solar Glass Wasp Catcher! Ready to hang from a porch, deck or patio, these wasp catchers feature bright blue and green swirled or spotted glass. The sturdy black metal hanger supports the solar paneled "cork" that absorbs the sun's energy during the day to illuminate the beautifully colored glass at night. An attractive outdoor accent for any home or garden, guests and neighbors won't know this wasp catcher is functional too. Simply add sugar water or juice for bait, and watch as wasps enter at the base and stay trapped. Or use these catchers indoors to rid your spaces of fruit flies! Safe and easy, no chemicals or sprays needed, these gorgeous glass wasp traps are an eco-friendly way to remove wasps. For strongest glow, place in full sun. Please choose Swirled or Spotted.

• Solar Hanging Glass Wasp Catchers
• Blue and green swirled or spotted glass
• Solar "cork" absorbs the sun's energy to light the traps at night
• Add sugar water or juice, wasps fly in and remain trapped
• Attractive and functional accent

Availble Styles

5-3/4" dia. x 8"H

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