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Metal Ginkgo Leaf Outdoor Chair




One of the oldest living tree species is honored in our enchanting Metal Ginkgo Leaf Outdoor Chair. These medicinal trees can live a thousand years and using this herb for asthma and bronchitis dates back to 2600 B.C. Crafted with elegant detail from stainless steel, our pastel green ginkgo chair has a pearlized finish so it will glisten in the sunlight. Almost mimicking a throne crafted by fairies or other magical creatures, this weather-durable metal chair will be a unique, functional addition to any lawn, porch, deck or patio. This sturdy gingko leaf chair would also look lovely sitting in a sunroom or covered porch. Intriguing guests and visitors with its beauty, this whimsical chair will spark the imaginations of young and old for many years to come. Wind & Weather Exclusive Design.

• Stainless Steel Ginkgo Chair
• Design inspired by the ginkgo leaf
• Soft green color with shimmering finish
• Sturdy chair for lawn, porch, patio or sunroom
• Weather-durable finish for indoor or outdoor use

20¾"L x 14½"W x 33¾"H

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