Handcrafted Rain Tree With Planter Copper Fountain



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Handmade from copper in the USA, this eye-catching Rain Tree With Planter Fountain features an original design by artist David Perlman, that creates a brilliant display while watering your plants. In the self-contained space of this indoor or outdoor fountain, grow an herb garden or any other plant life you choose. Plants who enjoy being around water will especially thrive. Watch as water tumbles from the top tier, to the bottom two tiers, into the hammered pool basin below, creating a soothing, relaxing sound. In feng shui one of the central concepts is to add elements from the outdoors to your interior design. This shiny copper fountain brings the earth element of copper, the flowing energies of moving water and the vitality of thriving plant life to your home or garden retreat. It also allows anyone who has limited space to add a small indoor garden to their home–this fountain is a perfectly beautiful and easy way to do it! Submersible pump and electric cord included.

• Handmade Copper Fountain With Planter
• Solid hammered, polished copper
• Self-contained space allows you grow herbs or other plants
• Water cascades down three center tiers into a bottom basin
• Made in the USA

20-1/2" dia. x 21½"D x 9"H

Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

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