Curious Cat Outdoor Fountain




Cat lovers of any age will enjoy our Curious Cat Outdoor Fountain. Balancing on a flowerpot, our crafty little kitten is batting at two songbirds who've landed for a drink! Cast in resin and stone powder with exquisite detail, our kitten has an adorable face and detailed features. Watch as water pours from the highest point, to a top basin and then cascades to the lowest basin releasing a relaxing, soothing sound. This attaractive cat fountain's stonelike appearance will complement any patio or outdoor living area, becoming a focal point in your yard or garden. Due to its weather durable finish, this classically styled fountain will withstand the elements. Who knows, some real feathered friends may use this fountain for a cool drink or quick bath. Add this curious kitten fountain to a sun porch or indoor room for a water feature guests and visitors will surely notice. Quiet submersible pump and electrical cord included.

• Cat Watching Birds Indoor/Outdoor Fountain
• Cast in durable resin and stone powder
• Water cascades from the highest point, to a smaller ledge, ending in a large basin
• Small kitten tries to catch two birds
• Detailed, stonelike appearance

20-1/4"L x 14-3/4"W x 28"H

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