Athena Solar On Demand Fountain Birdbath



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Our Athena Solar On Demand Fountain Birdbath is a real treasure for the garden. Patented solar-on-demand system allows you to turn fountain on and off using a switch on the solar panel. There are no wires to install. Just place in a sunny area of the garden, and enjoy.

• Athena Solar On Demand Fountain Birdbath
• Hand-made ceramic birdbath
• Creates a relaxing atmosphere
• Solar-on-demand allows you to choose when you wish fountain to work using an easy on/off switch on the solar panel
• Operate daily and use our battery technology to provide consistent performances even in cloudy weather
• For night use, turn off fountain during the day to preserve power
• Battery will fully charge in 1 sunny day
• Battery capacity for up to 6 hours of operation
• Recycles water from a hidden reservoir
• Basin Capacity: 2-1/3 gallons

21"W x 28"H

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