Wine Cooling Rod With Pour Spout



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A twist on the cork icicle, this Wine Cooling Pour Spout is an attractive, yet easy way to quickly cool, and keep cold, your favorite wines. Instead of going back and forth to your cooler or refrigerator, this no-fuss wine chiller will keep your vino cool! Simply place this brightly-colored chiller in the freezer for two hours allowing the cooling gel to freeze, then uncork your pre-chilled bottle of white wine, slide in the cooling pour spot and enjoy! For reds, be sure the bottle is at room temperature before serving. And the best part is the drip-free pour spout allows you to keep the chiller in the wine while serving. The colorful, integrated leak-proof stopper creates an airtight seal to keep you half-full bottle of wine fresh while your cooling rod recharges in the freezer. Perfect for dinner parties, tailgating, summer days on the patio and more. A welcome gift for anyone who loves wine or enjoys hosting. Made from BPA-free plastic, hand wash only. Please choose Gray, Green, Pink or Blue.

• Wine Cooling Rod With Pour Spout
• Place in freezer for two hours
• Cooling gel will chill wines and keep them cold
• Drip-free, airtight pour spout allows you to serve wine while chilling
• Made from BPA-free plastic

Available Colors

1"W x 12-1/2"H

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