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Stretching Metal Cat Garden Statue




We've all seen our favorite feline in this classic stance after a long nap or an afternoon in the sun. Now you can capture this kitty pose with our Stretching Metal Cat Statue. Detailed whiskers and beautiful floral detailing accentuate this cat's shiny, golden brown finish. With a curly tail and contented expression, this sculpture is perfect for any cat lover's indoor or outdoor spaces.

• Stretching Metal Cat Decorative Accent
• Detailed whiskers, beautiful floral detailing, curly tail and happy expression
• Shiny, golden brown finish
• Perfect for any cat lover's home or garden

26-1/4”L X 8-3/4”W X 11-1/2”H


Fun, funky garden art

Reviewed on: 4/11/2014 11:19:00 AM

much larger than I expected - should have paid more attention to dimensions before ordered. Great addition to a funky, fun garden around a catnip patch!