Handcrafted Recycled Metal Dragon Mobile Art - Wind & Weather Exclusive Design




A dramatic eight and a half feet long, this Handcrafted Metal Dragon Mobile Art will sweep you back in time to the days of knights and kidnapped princesses. Complete with detailed scales, wings, teeth and fiery breath this giant will move and sway in the wind, just like he's flying! A must-see, this dragon is a fascinating display of color and motion and an eye-opening addition to any porch or deck. A Wind & Weather Exclusive Design.

• Handmade Metal Dragon Mobile Art
• Over eight feet long, handmade of reclaimed metal by Indonesian artisans
• Fire-breathing giant will move and sway in the wind just like he's flying
• Fascinating display of color and motion for your porch or deck

103"L x 37"W x 66"H

Ships Motor Freight
Allow 2-3 weeks for delivery


A Conversation Piece for your Garden

Reviewed on: 5/9/2013 11:48:00 AM

What's 8 1/2 feet long, moves with the wind, and a lot of fun? Answer: the Wind&Weather Dragon Mobile. It comes all assembled and ready to hang up. Just the thing for anyone wanting something "different" in the garden. Unfortunately, our testing reveals it will NOT scare away garden rodents such as woodchucks. However, I still recommend it to the brave-of-heart.