EcoSphere Small Water Drop, The World's First Totally Enclosed Ecosystem



An EcoSphere is the world's first totally enclosed ecosystem,a complete self contained and self-sustaining miniature world encased in glass. Created with NASA technology, inside each EcoSphere are active micro-organisms, small shrimp, algae and bacteria, each existing in filtered sea water. The shrimp eat algae, inhale O2 and exhale CO2 and play all day. Their waste and CO2 are broken down by the bacteria to feed the algae. The algae then convert the CO2 into O2 for the shrimp to breathe. It is a living treasure to own or to give, an ideal gift and a fascinating possession,and all that is required to keep this world in perfect balance is indirect sunlight or lamplight. More than science, it's a work of art!

EcoSpheres have an average life expectancy of two years. However, it is not uncommon for shrimp populations to be thriving in systems as old as 7 years.

• Totally enclosed ecosystem
• Sphere contains small living shrimp, algae, bacteria and sea water
• No maintenance required, just indirect sunlight
• A perfect blend of art and science

Small Water Drop is 4" dia. x 6"H

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Turntable Base for EcoSphere Small Water Drop and Large Pod