Woodland Angel Table Sculpture




Reminding you of the quiet, calm nature of forests, our Woodland Angel Sculpture is inspired by the great outdoors. Standing on a faux tree stump adorned with a sprig of evergreen, this serene angel sculpture's hands are folded in prayer and she wears a robe mimicking tree bark. Her wings also have natural appeal, featuring whimsical, bark-like detail. Offering her blessings for all creatures great and small, this angel has a drawing of a brown stag standing in the forest on her heavenly gown. For added wintery magic, this whole piece is finished with touches of frost and snow. Cast in resin, this angel statue will be a lovely wintertime decoration for any tabletop, desktop or console. Place this graceful angel in an entryway or kitchen to greet guests with her peaceful nature. Wind & Weather Exclusive Design.

• Woodland Angel Statue
• Wood like angel features faux bark accents
• Snow, evergreen and deer detail
• Beautiful seasonal accent for tabletop, desktop or console
• Resin

6-3/4"L x 4-3/4"D x 16-3/4"H

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