Cedar Vintage Santa Wooden Tags, Set of 6





Festive yet functional, our set of six Vintage Santa Wooden Tags can also be used as beautiful wooden Christmas ornaments! Six unique classic Santa images are sprayed into the Western Red Cedar using semi-translucent inks. Peering through the traditional Santa illustrations is the natural grain and knots of the specially milled cedar. Uncommon pieces of art, these handcrafted holiday gift tags blend high-tech imagery with elements of nature. Due to the inherent qualities of natural wood, each wooden ornament is one-of-a-kind. While one side of the wooden tag displays a Santa image, printed on the reverse side is the text "Date, To, From." Personalize the spaces to use these vintage wooden Christmas ornaments as tags. If you're looking for unique gift tag ideas, these wooden ornaments will add a special touch to all of your holiday packages. Recipients will be able to hang these gift tags on their Christmas tree and enjoy them as traditional wooden ornaments year after year. Made in the USA.

• Handcrafted Santa Wooden Christmas Ornaments, Set Of 6
• Six vintage Santa images inked into the wood
• To, From, Date is printed on the back for use as wooden tags
• Cedar
• Made in the USA

2"L x 4"H

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Reviewed on: 6/5/2012 12:00:00 AM

If you've ever been blessed with the opportunity to see a Pileated Woodpecker in person, and were thrilled by their gargantuan size, then this sculpture is for you. Mine is mounted on a pillar post which holds up the overhang on my deck alongside hanging flower baskets and bird feeders, where I spend lots of time sitting outside enjoying nature and I SO enjoy watching the gentle swaying of this woodpecker as the light breezes cause it to make a "pecking" motion. The legs of the bird are separate from the body and are permanently attached by screws through the feet and the top part of the legs go inside the belly of the woodpecker and are cleverly balanced on a plate inside which allows the bird freedom of movement as the wind blows it. It is very relaxing to watch and lifelike. You can always tuck the body further onto the legs during strong storms to prevent damage from fear of it falling or "pecking" too hard if desired. My only negative about the product was lack of instructions on how to place the body onto the legs. By looking at the two pieces separately, one would NEVER expect it to go together and work as it does. There are two small indentations inside the bird on a horizontal plate that are supported by the rounded ends of the bird legs which allows the bird freedom of movement. It would have been nice to have something which tells the customer that is how you put it together when hanging. But eventually, I figured it out and love this item.