Compass Reproductions From 18th Century and Lewis & Clark Expedition



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Invented thousands of years ago, the compass opened the world to exploration and discovery. Today the compass still is a basic tool, a magnetized needle rotating on a vertical pin, pointing at the Earth's magnetic North. This instrument of exploration changed the world.

Choose between:
18th Century Sundial/Compass Combination Reproduction. With the advent of trains and mail coaches came a need for cross-country time coordination. Our 18th century reproduction is a traveling sundial and dry compass.
Lewis & Clark Compass Reproduction of the compass used on the famous 1804–06 expedition. The original compass and case used by Clark is on display at the Smithsonian, and is handsomely reproduced here.

• History buffs and collectors will love these Compass Reproductions From 18th Century and Lewis & Clark Expedition
• Comes in two styles: Lewis & Clark Compass Reproduction, 18th Century Sundial/Compass Combination Reproduction
• These 18th century compass replicas were made to look like the real item from the time period with authentic details
• Provides the perfect accent for a home library or collector's case, plus these 18th century compasses make ideal gifts

Styles and Sizes

18th Century Sundial/Compass Combination 2-1/4" dia.
Lewis & Clark Compass Reproduction 3"W x 3"H

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