Handcrafted Brass Sonoma Hose Pot



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Our rustic and charming Handcrafted Brass Sonoma Hose Pot has an attractive shape that will fit right in to any yard or garden setting. Crafted of solid brass with a natural patina, this hose pot makes a handsome hiding spot for up to 150 feet of unruly garden hose. Each pot is handmade using Old World techniques with modern innovation to create a beautiful yet practical outdoor accent. Features a raised interior base to help guide the hose within the container, while multiple drainage holes eliminate excess water. A larger side hole allows the hose to easily connect to an outdoor faucet. These elegant, versatile containers can also be used as unique planters, firewood containers or impressive drink buckets for entertaining. Made in the USA.

• Handmade Brass Decorative Hose Pot
• Solid brass construction with natural patina for year-round outdoor use
• Keeps up to 150 feet of garden hose clean and tidy
• Features a raised interior base and drainage holes
• Can also serve as an elegant planter, firewood container or drink bucket

18"W x 12"H

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