Butterfly Hanging Thermometer



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Whether hung from the fascia or staked in the garden, these gentle butterflies keep accurate track of the temperature for you.

9"H x 8"W


Cheap and cute

Reviewed on: 12/25/2012 12:00:00 AM

This item goes under the heading of "Why not?" The shipping is higher than the price, so it's not going to break you to buy it. It's cute without being tacky. It's legible if you are standing close to it. The Celcius readings inside are not useful to those who prefer Celcius or to those who want simplicity of one Fahrenheit scale. The picture gives a good idea of the usefulness of something so small. At night from the house I can shine a flashlight on it and get a relative idea of the weather (hot is hot and cold is cold). No point in using binoculars to get the exact reading because it isn't accurate anyway. I hung it on the wrought iron support for my patio and it doesn't seem to be affected by being only 10 feet from the warm house on a cold winter night. In fact, I think it reads colder than the outdoor temp really is. If I had a serious need for an accurate instrument with outstanding legibility, this cute little thing wouldn't be my choice, but at least I don't need to feel angry over wasting a lot of money. I read reviews of larger and more expensive thermometers and for many of these the reviewers were displeased with the accuracy of their purchases. So I feel like I did fine with my butterfly.