Hanging Gazing Ball Chain Garden Accent




Magically enhance your eaves, soffits, porch, deck or trees with our gorgeous Hanging Gazing Ball Chain Garden Accent. One of the most eye-catching yard and garden ornaments we have ever seen, these four rainbow or silver colored stainless steel balls will shimmer and shine in the sunlight. Due to its durable nature, this gazing ball chain can live outdoors all season long, without the worry of rust. Hang one or four anywhere outdoors to instantly add whimsy to your landscape or home's exterior. Rainbow colors may vary. Please choose Silver or Rainbow.

• Stainless Steel Gazing Ball Chain
• Four highly-reflective balls will catch the light
• Weather durable
• Easily hangs from any eave, porch, deck or tree
• Enchanting garden ornament

Available Styles

3-3/4" dia. gazing balls with a 39-1/4"L chain

Buy 2 or more at $24.95 each


Liked this one so much I bought another

Reviewed on: 9/29/2014 10:25:00 AM

polished balls are lovely and reflect my garden so beautifully. I also have some hanging in my gazebo.