Green Jeweled Metal Flower Garden Stake




This Green Jeweled Metal Flower Garden Stake will make quite a statement sitting among your plants or flower beds. Standing over three feet tall, this metal flower features a whimsical, fairy tale design with an artistic stem and sparkly, gem-filled stamens. The iron petals are skillfully crafted to mimic leaves, while an exquisite metal butterfly peacefully rests on one petal. This weather-resistant floral stake will maintain its rich color and bloom even on the coldest of days adding year-round beauty to your garden. Let this fascinating flower stand out among your landscaped spaces for an outdoor accent that will royally impress garden guests and neighbors.

• Green Whimsical Metal Flower Statue is over three feet tal
• Iron flower with rich colors, artistic stem and sparkly stamens
• Petals mimic leaf designs and feature a metal butterfly
• Weather-resistant garden stake adds year-round beauty to your landscape
• Fascinating outdoor décor will impress guests and neighbors

10-1/2"L x 8-1/2"W x 43-1/2"H

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