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Solar Powered Lighted Hummingbird Feeder




Your hummingbirds will appreciate the sugar water, your guests will love the light show, with our Solar Powered Lighted Hummingbird Feeder. Crafted with copper-colored stainless steel, our hummingbird feeder features a clear tube with white hummingbird's printed on the glass. With four feeding blossoms, you'll be able to feed multiple hummers that visit your yard, patio or garden. But the real show starts at dusk. During the day the feeder's top solar panel absorbs the sun's energy to release a color-changing light show. At night, this entertaining feeder will fade slowly from red, to blue, to green and back again. For brightest glow, hang in full sun. Screw off top for easy cleaning. 10 fluid ounce capacity.

• Solar Color-Changing Hummingbird Feeder
• Copper-colored stainless steel and glass
• Solar panel absorbs sun's energy
• Glows red, blue and green
• Four feeding blossoms

5-1/2" dia. x 9"H

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