Metal Fisherman Cat Bird Feeder




Proudly displaying his latest catch, our detailed Metal Fisherman Cat Bird Feeder will be an amusing accent for your outdoor spaces while providing a nautical spot for wild birds to feed. Wearing his yellow rain slicker and red rain hat and boots, this orange tabby cat is holding a large blue fish overhead to keep the bottom dish's seed nice and dry. Handcrafted from solid metal and hand-painted by Indonesian artisans, this cat bird feeder's vibrant blue hues are inspired by the sea. Feeder features a weather-resistant finish for year-round outdoor use. Hangs from any porch, deck, tree limb or shepherd's hook. A delightful, unique gift for any cat lover, fisherman or birdwatcher. S-hook included. Wind & Weather Exclusive Design.

• Cat And Fish Metal Bird Feeder
• Handcrafted and hand painted by Indonesian artisans
• Fisherman cat holds blue fish overhead keeping birdseed dry
• Weather-durable
• Hangs from a porch, deck, tree branch or shepherd's hook

10½"L x 10"W x 19"H

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