Handmade Fishing Fairy Metal Bird Feeder




Handcrafted and hand painted with magic from recycled sheet metal, our Fishing Fairy Bird Feeder features a pixie fisherman standing on a tall, green leafy stem, holding a fishing pole. This little fellow has shiny purple wings and wears an adorable hat as he appears to be reeling in his most recent catch: a beautiful silver crescent moon! Dangling from the end of his fishing pole, this glittering moon hovers over a shallow bird seed dish. Backyard birds will love the treats, while guests and neighbors will be impressed with this unique piece of functional garden art. Over three feet tall and durable enough for year-round outdoor use, this fairy stake feeder will look lovely by a path, patio or placed among your flowers. It will also bring a touch of whimsy to your garden or outdoor living area! Wind & Weather Exclusive Design.

• Fishing Fairy Stake Feeder
• Handmade and hand painted from reclaimed sheet metal
• Fairy holds a shiny moon on the end of his fishing pole
• Shallow bird seed dish with ample perching spots
• Functional piece of garden art

13-3/4"L x 10"W x 43-3/4"H

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