Handcrafted Metal Brolly Rain Girl Birdfeeder




Forecast calling for rain? No worries for hungry birds: this little weather girl holds her wide-top umbrella high over a deep basin to keep seed nice and dry. Under her charming slicker and boots are holes that drain unwanted moisture from the dish. Hangs from porch, tree limb or pole and becomes unsteady under the weight of squirrel's to deter them from eating from the feeder. Made of metal with a bright, handpainted finish.

• Hanging birdfeeder
• Durable metal construction
• Hanging feature is unfriendly to squirrels
• Small holes in dish for draining moisture
• Umbrella shelters feeding birds

13-1/2"H x 7" Dia. Bowl



Reviewed on: 7/4/2014 9:18:00 AM

This looks cute hanging from the branch of the tree just outside my porch. I was a little disappointed in the color of her rain slicker. I expected it to be traditional, bright yellow. Instead it's gold. If the colors were more true to expectations I would have given it 5 stars.


The Best

Reviewed on: 5/6/2014 12:14:00 PM

What can I say!? Cute, cute, cute! And the birds love it too!


"Cute,but not strong"

Reviewed on: 12/7/2012 12:00:00 AM

Pleased with the cuteness,but not the quality. The metal is not very sturdy for an outdoor object.Hook came in package bent. W&W are suppose to send me another one,too soon yet to see if that happens. Service was super when I called about replacing it. Have bought items in the past and will continue as long as this issue is resolved. This is a Christmas gift for a friend.


Cute but not as cute as picture

Reviewed on: 11/29/2012 12:00:00 AM

I fell in love with this bird feeder on the website and had to order it. I have to admit I was disappointed with the little face on the girl and her raincoat. The picture of the girl online has a sweet face with rosy cheeks and what looks to be a bright yellow raincoat with red collar. My girls face has no rosy cheeks and a big v for a nose. Also, my girl has no yellow raincoat or red collar. It is all done in copper. It is still very cute but I think the one that I thought I was getting is cuter. This feeder seems very sturdy. I would order again but would wait for it to go on sale.


Absolutely adorable; not a sturdy feeder

Reviewed on: 8/11/2012 12:00:00 AM

This item is very cute; that being said, it is extremely to flimsy for a birdfeeder. Mine broke after just 2 weeks but rather than send it back we took the birdfeeder base off and I cleaned it up and am going to hang it as a decoration under my front porch. If you want it as a cute decoration I would recommmend it. As a birdfeeder I cannot recommend it; way to flimsy.