Portable Plug-And -Charge LED Blackout Buddy Flashlight, Set of 2




Your household should have a portable, battery-operated light as part of your emergency preparedness kit. Keep the Blackout Buddy Portable Flashlight plugged into the wall to keep it charged. Emergency 3 LED blackout flashlight goes on when power goes out, prongs fold in when used as a flashlight. Includes no-replacement rechargeable batteries.

• Emergency battery operated flashlight
• Activates when electricity goes off
• Plugs into wall to charge
• Pocket sized for convenience
• Blackout Buddy By American Red Cross

4"H x 2"W


Great for the home and as a gift

Reviewed on: 10/30/2013 7:28:00 PM

I bought 2 sets of these last year; one for my parents and 1 for me. On Sunday night, the power went out. I was in the loft, and the flashlights were downstairs, but they were bright enough to safely guide me to the bedroom and through the rest of my home. My folks were very happy they had these as well, and they used them during our wind storm/power outage for 3 hours. The flashlights were bright the whole time; never did they fade. Perfect and I'll order a couple of more for gifts.


Great item!

Reviewed on: 12/25/2012 12:00:00 AM

Bought these for me, my grown sons, and my husband, because we hate being caught with no lights when there's a power outage.


A Must Have

Reviewed on: 10/4/2011 12:00:00 AM

This product is a must-have in every home! Its a flashlight/emergency light that came in handy during the storms and the hurricane we recently had. We also use it as a night light in the bathroom! So easy to use, just plug it into the sockets and its charged and ready for use. We keep one in the hallway and kitchen; when the lights went out they came on and lit up the way. just unplug and its a handy little, but very bright, flashlight. One of the best products I ever bought for the home!


My Best Friend During a Blackout

Reviewed on: 3/7/2011 12:00:00 AM

I bought a set of these - we lose power a lot in the Northeast - and I plugged one in on each floor. When the need arose - and it did - the powerful lights safely helped us down the stairs. When we reached the first floor, I unplugged the wall unit and used it as a flashlight. I wish I thought of these!