Metal Bottle Tree With Set of 10 Solar-Powered Bottles




According to ancient folklore, evil spirits are attracted to colorful glass bottles gleaming in the twilight, and become trapped inside only to be vaporized by the first sunbeams of the morning. Today, our metal bottle tree outdoor accent is a unique and fun way to design your own sculpture. A great way to repurpose your soda or wine bottles, you can change them out periodically for a rotating display or use it to communicate special occasions. Metal bottle tree holds up to 10 bottles. An unusual and beautiful yard or garden ornament.

• Metal Bottle Tree Outdoor Accent is shaped out of sturdy metal to resemble a young tree with many branches
• Wind & Weather offers sets of solar powered bottles to turn this artistic creation into an environmentally friendly outdoor light
• Adds interest to a yard or garden any time of the year, including a festive touch to parties and holidays
• It''s easy to switch out the bottles to display beautiful antique bottles or to repurpose wine, beer and other bottles
• Holds up to 10 bottles and comes in a variety of vibrant colors

Bottle Tree
61-3/4"H x 17"W
Solar Bottles
9-1/2"H x 3" dia.

Available Colors
Multi-Color Set includes 2 of each color.
Christmas Set includes 5 Green and 5 Red.

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