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Lifeline Ultralight Survival Kit
Lifeline Ultralight Survival Kit Lifeline Ultralight Survival Kit

Lifeline Ultralight Survival Kit 1025063PS7236

Lifeline Ultralight Survival Kit

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Enjoy the wilderness with the comforting knowledge that you have all the essentials you need to survive stowed away in your Lifeline Ultra Light Survival Kit. This complete survival kit contains 29 essentials in a waterproof, protective case, including one survival guide, one 10-foot emergency cord, one map compass, one emergency whistle, one survival blanket, three safety pins, one 36-inch roll of duct tape, one 18-inch x 12-inch sheet of aluminum foil, one 8-foot snare wire, one box of waterproof matches, four fishing hooks, four fishing sinker weights, one 50-foot fishing line, one surgical blade, one reusable zip-lock bag and five wound closure strips. Whatever you're camping, hunting or participating in a outdoor activity, having a collection of essential survival tools on hand in a lightweight carrying case makes good sense, just in case things go wrong.

• Compact And Light Survival Kit
• 29-piece, complete survival kit
• Extremely light for easy transport
• Waterproof carrying case keeps contents dry
• Includes guide to provide essential survival and first-aid information

9-1/2"L x 7-1/4"W x 1-1/2"H


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