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    The culinary adventurers among us couldn't wait to try this Pink Himalayan Salt Bowl. All the rage among our foodie friends, this bowl is carved from 500 million year old blocks of Himalayan pink salt and will impart a delicate, mineral-rich flavor to foods.

    Can you say conversation piece? A bowl that looks amazing on your table, has antimicrobial properties and actually seasons your food for you. That ought to do it. Each Himalayan pink salt bowl is unique, with varying shades and striations of pink and orange hues, and can be heated or cooled to almost any temperature. Pop the salt bowl in the freezer for a while before serving ice cream and enjoy an ever-so-slightly salted frozen treat. Or, heat the bowl to keep soup warm while it takes on the subtle flavor of the Himalayan pink salt.

    The salt is not very porous, so foods pick up only a slight saltiness. Clean up is easy too. Some warm water and a soft brush should do the trick, then let your salt bowl dry completely before its next use.

    • Himalayan Pink Salt Bowl
    • Adds a unique and subtle saltiness to foods
    • Can be heated or cooled to almost any temperature
    • Easy to clean
    • A welcome gift for foodies and chefs

    Small 6" dia. x 2"H $19.95 each when ordering 2 or more
    Large 8" dia. x 2½"H $39.95 each when ordering 2 or more

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      Large Himalayan Pink Salt Bowl


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    • Buy 2 or more for 39.95 each