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Lantern Style Iron And Glass Cloche
Lantern Style Iron And Glass Cloche

Lantern Style Iron And Glass Cloche 1016779PL6708

Lantern Style Iron And Glass Cloche

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Exercise your green-thumb activities indoors with our Lantern Style Iron And Glass Cloche. Day after day, all year round, our easy-care cloche showcases a garden under glass inside your home. Our hexagonal cloche features notched metalworking, glass panes and a circular handle for lifting ease.

The French developed the glass cloche or bell jar as a cover that protects an early garden plant from cold and frost and encourages the growth of outdoor plants inside. The translucent cover allows for easy viewing and sunlight to pass through to the plants. Moisture inside the glass dome evaporates from the plant leaves and then condenses on the glass before remoistening the leaves. The Dutch and English expanded the idea with handlight cloches, lantern style, faceted pyramidal covers made from glass panes and frames of cast iron. Today French cloches' and Dutch and English handlights styles are popular as well as functional. They make a wonderful accent for any tabletop or interior space.

Our glass-covered mini-garden is perfect for homes in colder climates or apartments and homes without outdoor garden space. You can even use this cloche to start seedlings for your springtime garden! Simply place the cloche out of direct sunlight to avoid overheating the plants and enjoy the wonder of Mother Nature all season long. Plants not included.

• Lantern style cloche
• Metal and glass
• Pyramidal frame
• Grow plants indoors all season long
• Beautiful and functional tabletop accent

13"W x 16"D x 16-1/2"H


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