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  • Indoor/Outdoor Weather Minder with Clock and Calendar

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    Get ready for fantastic savings and features in this forecaster. An efficiently ordered screen presents indoor and outdoor temperatures (C° or F°), indoor and outdoor humidity, min/max records, weather icons, weather tendency indicator, atomic time in 12/24-hr. format, calendar/display options, easy-use screen/function keys.
    One remote sensor included; uses 2 AA batteries (not included). Base unit uses 4 AA batteries (not included); low battery indicator.

    For best performance at temperatures below freezing, we recommend lithium or titanium batteries, available at most electronic or camera stores.

    • Wireless weather station tracker
    • Tracks a wide range of weather features
    • Includes atomic clock, calendar and alarm

    Wireless Remote Sensor: Range 330' (max. 3)
    Transmission Frequency 433Mhz
    Temperature, Remote: -39.8°F to 139.8°F; (-39.9°C to 59.9°C)
    Temperature, Base: 14.2°F to 139.8°F; (-9.9C)
    Minimum and maximum temperature records with date and time
    Humidity, Remote and Base: 1 to 99% RH
    Minimum and maximum humidity records with date and time
    Comfort indicator icons: happy face or unhappy face
    Barometric Pressure Trends: weather tendency indicator
    Weather Forecast Icons: Sun, sun with cloud, cloud with rain; threshold setting option.
    Time: Self-sets to U.S. Atomic clock, 12/24 hour format, two independent alarm settings, two-minute alarm duration, selectable snooze: off, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 minute.
    Calendar: Weekday and date, or date and month

    6-1/2"H x 3"W

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    3.9 (based on 30 customer reviews)

    Awesome product
    Comments about Product:
    I bought this to replace the first that I've had for over 5 years!
    By George
    Don't Recommend
    Comments about Product:
    Had to install batteries 3 times to get remote unit to work. Atomic time did not sync with unit until I removed and replaced batteries yet again. Came very close to sending it back.
    By GaryG45
    Works well
    Comments about Product:
    The indoor/outdoor weather monitor has been working very good. We have used it for about 2 months. The outdoor temperature is usually about 2 degrees higher than what our traditional thermometer reads, and that is acceptable. On one day the first week we had it for a couple of hours we had dashes for the outside temp, but since then it has been working fine. It is the right size for us, and I feel the price was right.
    By Judy
    Temperature accurate
    Comments about Product:
    I was pleased with my order. I had help in selecting the one I wanted by someone in chat.
    By Tennis Bum
    FromWilliamsburg, VA
    This is an excellent weather forecaster.
    Comments about Product:
    This product is very useful in providing indoor and outdoor readings of temperature and humidity.
    By The amateur weatherman
    FromAlbany NY
    Not reliable
    Comments about Product:
    This is my second unit and still have problems, First difficult to access Radio Control signal. Called Tech support and was told where to place and all of the things that interfere, very little of this was in instructions. Second had difficulty getting signal from outdoor unit and again was told by tech support that distances are under "optimal" circumstances and all of the things you must avoid. Bottom line it must be out of sun (obvious), can't have any water fall on it so it must be sheltered, can't have any metal between remote and indoor unit. Very little suggestions for optimal locations. Accuracy variations are inacurate (checked with more accurate measurements). This unit has excellent features but doesn't measure up to hype.
    By Countrycz
    FromColumbiaville, Mi
    Buyer Beware
    Comments about Product:
    Purchased this Dec 2010 as a gift to self. Should have returned it when not all the functions would work but the temperature and day were sufficient. Winter 2011 the outdoor sensor quit rendering this as an expensive indoor themometer. Currently looking for a replacement but not from this brand. Cannot justify the price due to the lack of reliability.
    By Roselyne
    FromGreen Valley AZ
    An old fashioned honest company
    Comments about Product:
    Yes, it was a pain to program but it worked great.I had bought it as a Christmas present for my husband in 2008. My husband had breathing issues and we would rely on this system to determine whether I would need to up the humidity in the house - the poor sensor "died" yesterday and eventhough I replaced the batteries, it refused to work. The company is sending me a new sensor. Didn't think there existed companies like that anymore. Thank you.
    By Woody
    FromNewport, RI
    Excellent weather station
    Comments about Product:
    Like the sharp, clear display.
    By roamingmullins
    FromClayton, NC
    Indoor/Outdoor Temperature
    Comments about Product:
    Directions for setting the date and time may as well have been printed in Greek. After several tries I gave up. At least the temperatures are accurate.
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