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    Incredible Plant Stand


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    This ingenious Incredible Plant Stand creates the illusion that pots are balanced in a magical cascade! Simply bury the base of this decorative plant stand in the soil of your 10" pot. Next, "thread" (through drain hole) two of your empty 6" pots, tipping one to the right and one to the left. Finish with your 4" pot and tip it to lean away from the one below.

    Plant all pots with your soil and foliage; instructions are included. Unique plant stand is crafted of hot rolled steel and finished with an industrial-level, powder-coat paint for weather-sturdy durability. Please see images of our metal plant stand being used in creative ways. Pots not included.

    • Create the illusion of balancing flowerpots
    • Made from hot-rolled steel
    • Lots of creative uses
    • Weather-durable
    • Pots not included


4.2 (based on 9 customer reviews)
  • By:Judy
  • PL2428

    Comments about Product:
    I was disappointed because I thought it would be bigger it is very hard to put the pots as described I kept it because after working with it I finally got the pots to balance and the arrangement is cute but it is not as I expected ito be. doesn't work quite like the picture shows
  • By:Ourbrat the dog
    From:El Paso, TX
  • Love it!!! Great for a small porch,

    Comments about Product:
    Our porch is small and it fit's perfect for adding just that little touch you need for an eye catcher and I have received a lot of compliments. Love it!!!
  • By:Barb
    From:Peoria, IL
  • Love our plant stand!

    Comments about Product:
    It's right outside our patio door where we can see it all the time. It adds color to its surroundings and we really enjoy it.
  • By:Rebecca
    From:Bow, NH
  • Exactly what I was looking for

    Comments about Product:
    I had been looking for a plant stand like this for my Mom ever since I bought something similar at a garden show several years ago. She assembled it with clay pots quickly and the violas she planted in it are a cheery touch to the front yard. I like the cascading effect which also helps with watering - the top pots drain water into the next pot before being captured in the lowest. I would imagine this would work great inside, too, with decorative pots and artificial flowers. I intend to try stacking craft jack-o'lanterns on one in October.
  • By:d the planter
    From:Pgh PA
  • Nice stand, BUT

    Comments about Product:
    This is a very nice and unique plant stand. However, now I must find the appropriate pots. I wish I had been given the option to add them on! Don't know how it will perform yet, as we are still experiencing snow here in western PA!
  • By:JoJo
    From:Metairie LA
  • Fabulous

    Comments about Product:
    I saw the same concept in someone's yard and tried to figure how to do it. had already started putting holes in bottom of pots ,thinking they needed to be on the edge of the bottom. Then someone sent me Plow and Earth and ,there it was. I went crazy and immediately ordered one. Its a real looker and I couldn't be happier.
  • By:Wheaties' mom
    From:Kingston, PA
  • Drama and fun on the porch

    Comments about Product:
    This really makes people stop and take notice. It's small enough for the front porch, but very dramatic. Totally easy to handle, sturdy -- not worrying about breakage, the wind, etc. -- fun to put together. Can't wait to try something with it -- and the pots -- in other seasons, too.
  • By:Aunt Ruth
    From:Newtown Square, PA
  • I want to buy another one.

    Comments about Product:
    I saw a home made one in a garden magazine and was going to have my husband build me one then I saw this and thought "how simple". My husband was happy too.
  • By:Cac
    From:Fair Oaks, CA
  • Great Fun Gift

    Comments about Product:
    This is a little different from the normal gardening gift. Looks great when set up. I got one for my mother for mothers day. Fun and unique.

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